Surface and Cylindrical Grinding

JR Gilbert Engineering is a well established manufacturer of a variety of components with over 30 years of engineering experience. As well as our CNC milling, CNC lathes and Gear cutting facilities we also provide Surface and Cylindrical grinding, allowing us not only to not only provide finish grinding on precision items but also make components complete from material billet to finished component.

Precision Surface Grinding

JR Gilbert Engineering boasts one of the largest precision surface grinding facilities of its type in South Wales with a capacity of 3200 x 1370 x 570mm we provide a sub-contract facility to a wide variety of industries. Unlike plough grinding our precision grinders not only allow us to achieve tight tolerances on thickness but also to get the both surfaces flat and parallel. Used extensively in blade and mould refurbishing, precision grinding is also used when tight tolerances are required and surface finishes are critical. The introduction of another medium sized surface grinder in 2014 maximises availability on our larger machine allowing us to turn items round rapidly when required.

See our new capacity list here…

  • Bolster plates
  • Die sets
  • Mould tools
  • Machine tool beds
  • Punch Tooling refurbishment
  • Press Tooling refurbishment

Precision Cylindrical Grinding

JR Gilbert Engineering also provides cylindrical grinding facilities, used in many processes to get a higher concentricity than a turned finish and in achieving the tight fits that bearing surfaces require, as well as returning a shaft back to its original diameter after it has been built up with hardweld or metal spray. Our universal grinder has the capability to grind internal and external diameters with a capacity of 250mm diameter and 950mm between centres.

  • Surface plates
  • Inspection tables
  • Guillotine blades refurbishment
  • Guillotine knives refurbishment
  • Granulator blades
  • Chopper blades
  • Shear Blades

What people say about Gilbert Engineering:

We had an aggressive deadline and they helped us a great deal. Would definitely recommend.

Dr A.K Bouloubasis, Lead Structures & Systems.