Gears and Splines

JR Gilbert Engineering is a well established manufacturer of a variety of components with over 30 years of engineering experience and a reputation for suppling high quality components at competitive prices. As well as our CNC milling, CNC turning and grinding facilities we also provide gear cutting, spline cutting and slotting. Allowing us to manufacture bespoke gear train components from raw material to fully functioning gears.

Gears and Splines

JR Gilbert Engineering has an extensive capacity for the manufacture of precision gears, worms and wheels, racks and pinions, spur and helical gears, straight and bevel gears, internal and external splines and keyways. From the manufacture of large gears for cranes and heavy machinery to much smaller gears for gear boxes and machine repair, with our CNC lathes and Milling machines we can take a raw billet to the gear that you require. Many of the gears we manufacture are from old and damaged samples, if you have the mating gear its always beneficial to send it along with the damaged part as we can ensure both part mate together correctly.

Gearbox Refurbishment

Our Engineers disassemble the gearbox for cleaning and inspection. We can report our findings and prepare a budget quotation. If it’s urgent we can call to advise what needs doing and discuss approximate costings. Shafts / gears can be made from scratch and bearings seals changed as required. If casing damage has occurred, we can weld / sleeve and re bore back to size. We will re assemble and normally ship with no oil, this will be clearly stated. We also have the capability to completely reverse engineer and manufacture gearboxes if an item has become obsolete. The casing will be fabricated, stress relieved then machined. Gears and shafts will be manufactured and bearings seals fitted.


Slotting forms an essential part of gear cutting, with a capacity of 1000mm diameter and a 12″ stroke we can slot most internal keyways as well as other shapes which can’t be produced using a rotary tool such as square corners. As well as making gears from scratch many common gears can be bought off the shelf from various manufacturers but will almost always need the bores modifying to suit a particular component, simply send us over the gear and the required bore and features and we’ll modify the gear to suit.