Precision Machining

Gilbert Engineering’s well equipped machine shops aim to provide a complete precision machining service. To complement the impressive grinding facilities we also have milling, turning and drilling to offer, which includes a 2.5m Correa CNC bed mill, three Doosan VMC’s and a Doosan and has turning centres. We recognise that more and more of our major customers want to minimise the number of vendors they have to deal with. At Gilbert Engineering we are now able to cater for many of our customer needs. See our new capacity list here > > >

Welding & Fabrication

Whilst Gilbert Engineering is not a fabrication/welding shop, it is important that this facility is available to our customers in order to provide the complete package that many of our customers want. Gilbert Engineering has the capacity and the skills to perform mig, tig and stick welding of various materials to a very high standard. We have several subcontract partners who provide sheet metal skills, laser cutting etc at very economical prices.

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